Anna Nemeckay – USAT certified triathlon coach

As a USAT certified coach, Training peaks Level II coach and multiple IM athlete, I create training plans that work around an athletes life. I believe hard work pays off but over-training is never the answer. I develop training plans that are unique to the athletes needs based on their current fitness level, past race experiences, lifestyle, race goals and injuries. Communication with my athletes is pivotal to their success so when they show up on the start line they know that their training has prepared them for race day.


I work with athletes all over the US, from every economic and social background. I train athletes who are doing their very first sprint to Ironman World Championships. Each athlete is treated with the same care a detail that is needed for their personal goals!


Growing up in South Florida I have been in the fitness industry for almost 25 years. As a child and young adult, I didn't have the opportunity to play in organized sports. Being the oldest of three girls in a single parent family my responsibilities and lack of money didn't allow me to enjoy sports in school this is likely the reason that I committed to making fitness my life after school.



I started working in gyms as a fitness coach and competed at a national level in fitness competitions. Moving to Park City, Utah in 2008 I was introduced to triathlon and become hooked! I love this sport! After competing for a few years I became a coach and co-founder of a local triathlon club where I host a number of open water swims, outdoor and indoor bike rides. I continue to teach strength and functional training to a number of athletes as well as grow my online coaching business.


Triathlon to me is like life, you get out of it what you put into it. Triathlon is more thanjust a sport, more thanjust getting on the podium, it is a community whicpeo-ple from all walks of life celebrate being active and enjoying learning more about themselves and measuring up to challenges not only in a race but also in life.

Work hard and trust in the training!

I think of myself as very lucky! I love my job! I love working with athletes and seeing their goals, their dreams become a reality. Work hard and trusting the training!