The Honest Answer to Why You’re Not Getting Faster (and It’s Not What You Think)

Whenever you are confronted with a challenge in life, an obstacle, what is it that is truly standing in your way? Is it you? Is it a lack of desire, maybe even obsession?

What holds you back from success is never the obstacle itself.

It’s how obsessed you are with finding the solution.
I am at a point now, I know the feeling. The challenge isn’t asking me not how strong I am, or how experienced I am, or how old I am or what kind of bike can I afford.

It is asking me how obsessed I am.

“Are you obsessed enough to get faster?”

This is what people don’t understand about work ethic, goal setting, productivity, time management, etc.

There is no secret.

There is no app for that.

Every single pursuit in life, every goal, every aspiration that is measurable costs the same thing. And it’s not time. And it’s not energy.

The cost is obsession.

Are you obsessed enough to do what needs to be done, first?
To get out of bed every day and get your workout done?
To workout through your lunch hour?
To spend your Friday night after a full day of work, by yourself,on the trainer… again?
To go outside your comfort zone, over and over again, until you get the results you so desire?
To change your group of friends?
To say no ….again to another night out with those friends?

How obsessed are you?

This is the brutal, honest answer people don’t want to hear: It comes down to obsession. You want to change? You better be obsessed. You want a faster bike split, a sub 4- hour marathon. You want to no longer be a middle of the pack athlete. You better be obsessed. You better be unbelievably obsessed.

Obsession is what makes working 8-hours a day followed by a 4000 yards set in the pool at 8pm at night tolerable. Obsession is what allows you to power through. Obsession is what gives you the courage to make leaps in your fitness go beyond where you are now to that place you only dream of. Obsession is what breaks down massive barriers, leading to the results you desire. Obsession is what drives work ethic–raw, gutsy, real work ethic.

You know the feeling of obsession. It is a passion that won’t let you sleep at night because you rehearse your race over and over in your mind looking for those minutes, those seconds that will make the difference. You plan your training week like your planning on going to war, a war you are fighting only with yourself. A war that can only be won if you give everything you have while your in it that’s how you know you have the potential, the desire, that is how you know it is yours because you earned it.

Because you are obsessed.

Let me state for the record that to me being obsessed about something like triathlon is not a bad thing! Not for me. Obsession,passion,discipline,desire are necessary for results. They are symoninous with success. Period!

They are symoninous with success. Period!

Do you think Micheal Phelps is/was obsessed with swimming? Yes? Look where that got him. Or that Usain Bolt does eat sleep and breath every second of a

Or that Usain Bolt does eat sleep and breath every second of a 100-meter sprint?

If you aren’t reaching the levels of success you would like, you need to ask yourself, plain and simple, “Is triathlon something I am obsessed with?”

  • Jan, 04, 2018
  • Anna Nemeckay